Thursday, February 3, 2011

Honeysuckle Pink voted the colour of 2011

Pantone is an influential colour services company that is the authority on what's hot and what's not in colour. This year they say Honeysuckle Pink is the "it" colour. It was chosen for its energizing and invigorating qualities. Honeysuckle is classified as a reddish pink with a blue undertone. The colour is a great accent with charcoal gray, taupe, white, cream and and butter yellow. Designers suggest using this pink as an accent to inject fun and energy into any room. The psychology behind the colours appeal is that we make a connection between the sweet fragrance of the flower for which it is named and also with the images and memories of sweet summer days. With all the gray and damp and rain we've been experiencing here I think we could all use a little Honeysuckle Pink in our lives.  

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