Saturday, January 29, 2011

Color is back, Baby!

It's true, Color is HUGE for spring. Pinks, Greens, Orange, Blues, they're all there. Splashes of color in your home not only add life and pizazz, they also bring us out of hibernation from boring beige. I'm not saying throw out your grey sofa and replace it with a hot pink one, although that WOULD be quite fabulous. All you have to do is add some fun toss cushions in vibrant colors and patterns or paint a wall in the latest spring colors. How about finding a colorful print and re upholstering a vintage chair. This is inexpensive and a fun project to work on. Paint is the most inexpensive way to change a rooms mood and can be done easily on a rainy afternoon.
If you keep your main pieces of furniture, i.e sofa, neutral then its easy to change the look up for each season. Try having a spring/summer option for your area rug and then change it up for fall and winter with something that has more texture. And don't be afraid to have more than one patterned fabric in your room color scheme. I like to work with 5 or 6 great patterns that all compliment each other. That way you can incorporate color and texture in an interesting way.
Now to our new favorite thing this month.  Ready??
PINK!! Anything pink. Don't let this color scare you. If it's used correctly then it is very wonderful. "Wherever you see this color, you instantly equate it with passion for life." Quote from House Beautiful, March 2011 issue. Benjamin Moore has some AMAZING pinks in their color collections.

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