About Us

A home is a place to relax, to feel comfortable, to rejuvenate. For Briar Codesmith, everyone should be able to feel this sense of home and appreciate their surroundings. This ideal has inspired Briar toward two related passions—a lifelong interest in charities for the homeless and her more recent endeavor of HouseWarmings, a home décor boutique.

With a focus on making a house a home at HouseWarmings, Briar selects furniture, home décor, accessories, and jewelry that embrace everything from whimsical to functional, fashionable to classic. Realizing that basic investment pieces are the building blocks for a great room, Briar often showcases neutral furniture with accessories that pop with color. Her appreciation for organic items spills over into the store, too. Items such as wine bottle holders carved from natural rocks are often in stock as are bulk packages of seeds, pods, and twigs, always a popular section. 

HouseWarmings isn’t just a place to shop for décor; it’s a warm, inviting atmosphere where guests find design inspiration. Briar’s unique presentation receives compliments for the interesting pairings and brilliant placement. And with an ever-changing feature wall that reflects current trends, outstanding style is always at guests’ fingertips.