Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer's here

So, They're saying it's summer now that it's June 21st.  That being said, Let's start acting like it's summer.  Bring out the color!!  Add splashes of fun summer colors throughout your home and make a statement.  A simple colorful vase in the entrance way or fun toss cushions in the living room will be just enough color to make a different look for the summer season.  Add a bouquet of colorful seasonal flowers to the kitchen island or powder room.  Bright green, fushia and orange are a great starting point, then maybe add a vibrant purple to mix it up a bit. 
If you're more adventurous, try painting one wall in your living space a colorful hue from this seasons hottest color palette from pantone.  For some great ideas visit www.pantone.com
No matter what you do to brighten things up in your home, you can't really go wrong and the finished look will be fabulous.