Friday, February 25, 2011

All about Candles

I used to think candles were something I could cheap out on because a candle is a candle right? My thought was why spend more when I can get the look for less. Well in the case of candles paying less is definately not "more" when you consider the toxins that are being brought into your home. Most candles are made from a petroleum based wax which is a by product of fuel refining and the smoke from these candles contains up to eleven carcinogenic compounds! Thank goodness there are healthier options out there. Simplicity makes a vegesoy candle that is very clean burning. These candles are 100% biodegradable. The Simplicity candles are not available in colours. They are limited to white. This is because they do not use dyes making them 100% natural. Simplicity candles might be a little pricier than dollar store candles but you can feel good knowing that you have made a natural and environmentally friendly choice. Beeswax candles are another healthy option.Beeswax candles are non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-carcinogenic. Burning a beeswax candle produces negative ions which clean the air of dust ,odours,toxins,pollen, mould, dustmite feces and viruses.The use of beeswax candles have been found to help people with allergies, asthma and environmental sensitivities. Now that I know what I know about candles I don't just think about candles as decoration. I think about them more as something either harmful or beneficial to me and my family and I am willing to pay a little more for peace of mind.

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