Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Furnishing an awkward layout

So as I have mentioned before I am a design student. And being a student, I am currently working on furniture arrangments for awkwardly laid out rooms. This can be quite a challenge for some as not everyone has the "eye" to visualize. The trick to a harmonious layout is balance. If you divided your room into quadrants, then each section should be equally balanced, meaning NOT to pile all your fabulous furniture into one quarter of the room. 
Almost all homes have a least one room or area in their home that is has either an odd angled wall or too many doorways. The solution.... Try drawing out different plans. Once you have decided on an acceptable floorplan, one that allows for traffic flow and function, try placing your furniture into the floorplan. If new furniture is in your future plan then now would be a great time to start shopping around.  
If all else fails, ask a friend or neighbour to take a look. Sometimes all you need is a second opinion. They may see something you dont. Good luck:) 

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