Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuna? Something's not fishy!

This makes us happy!  Raincoast Tuna, is paving the way for a brighter and more responsible future for our oceans!  They have received approval by both the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program and Greenpeace Canada, which recently awarded the company top marks for it's sustainability.  How?  By not using purse seine nets or floating lines that trail with thousands of baited hooks, the way most tuna companies do it.  Every fish the company cans is caught from healthy stocks in the Pacific Northwest by surface trolling or pole and line, which means a single barb-less hook on a single line attached to the back of a boat.  And then the tuna is cooked in its BPA free cans to retain its nutrients and naturally occurring oils.  Yum!

Now if only we could convince other canned fish companies to get on board with these healthier and environmentally friendly ways, we would be sure to make a very positive impact.  Perhaps in time, and in the meantime I will be only purchasing Raincoast Trading products to show my support.  Well done Raincoast!

A bit more about the company:
The founder of Raincoast Trading comes by his concern for the future of fish and their habitat legitimately. Mike Wick's family has been in the fishing business for four generations and he learned very young to embrace environmental stewardship and responsibility.

Raincoast Trading has been selling premium wild seafood products since 1978. Based in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, the company is proud to offer consumers sustainably-harvested, gourmet canned seafood.

Raincoast Trading adheres to the highest sustainability standards when catching, processing and packaging its seafood. The company's seafood is single-cooked and packed in natural fish oils, which results in a rich, dense flavour and loads of extra nutrition typically not found in most canned seafood products.

Raincoast Trading is the first Canadian packaged retail seafood company endorsed by the respected Ocean Wise™ conservation program as an environmentally-friendly seafood choice for retail grocers and consumers around the world.

Find out more at Raincoast Trading and browse through a great selection of recipes.

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