Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Creating a perfect outdoor space.

Outdoor spaces should be just as functional and desirable as your indoor space. 

Like the inside of your home, your outdoor living space can reflect that same personal style that you have created and grown to love.  Don't be afraid to add some fun and inviting elements outdoors to make it truly livable and welcoming, it really can be an extension of your home by creating a useful space to lounge, entertain or play. 

Here are some easy rules to follow when creating your perfect outdoor space:

Comfortable Seating - whatever your design style is, don't be afraid to still reflect your personality.  There are many options now-a-days for every budget and style.   

Some shaded areas - this is a must for every backyard space.  Keep guests, pets and little ones comfortable with a designated shaded area.  An easy and beautiful way to do this is by creating a simple wood structure and letting a variety of vines and flowering plants grow their way up and over.  This takes a bit more time and patience by the rewards are well worth it.

Cooking area - nothing goes better than a great plate of food with a comfortable place to sit.  A large budget is certainly not needed to have your own outdoor kitchen.  Create your own beautiful outdoor grilling space with second hand furniture, and your basic barbecuing essentials. 

Finishing touches - and now for the fun part!  Fill in all those empty corners and frame walkways with an eclectic mix of planters, pots and buckets.  Give it some personality, whether its modern or country, be creative and keep it neat and tidy for a lovely polished look. 

And lastly, lighting - use candles, strung lights, pathway lanterns, mason jars or a chandelier.  Nothing sets the mood better than the right use of lighting. 

Have fun creating your perfect outdoor space!  Hope we were able to help inspire you.

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