Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yes We Can!

Are you having a difficult time finding a piece of furniture that looks right in your space? You might not know this but we can have custom wooden furniture made for you. If you go to the Suppliers heading on our Webpage you can look up Florio Woodworking and see some of the pieces that can be made. For some of us space in our homes is at a premium. Having properly scaled furniture can make a huge difference not only to the feel of your space but also to its functionality. For example you might have a tight diningroom where a regular sideboard won't fit. If you have a custom table built at half depth you will now have a place to rest your extra dishes. You might even have enough room for a couple of small lamps giving you some extra lighting!Custom furniture is not as expensive as you might think and in this case improving the functionality of your diningroom so markedly is worth every penny.

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