Thursday, March 10, 2011

After much thought and inspiration at design shows Briar, the owner of HouseWarmings, has decided that the look she wants for the store will be "Urban Romance". What is Urban Romance? Well it certainly isn't frou frou.

To create the Urban Romance look you must keep your bigger pieces like the sofa in neutral colours with classic lines. It is with the accessories that you add the romance and a pop of colour. In store for example we have gorgeous cuddly Tibetan Lambswool toss cushions that are the perfect Urban Romance accessory. They come in fun bright colours like hot pink, teal blue, bright purple, and also in neutrals like black cream and grey. If you add to a traditional neutral sofa any toss cushions or throw with a romantic pattern, a fun print or an interesting texture you will have arrived at Urban Romance. 

Besides the new accessories that add that Urban Romance look we have a new line of nesting and coffee tables made by Style in Form. To Briar they are the epitomy of our look - soft yet sophisticated.

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