Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shop Your Home

Vicki Payne from the television show For Your Home, has some great tips for living "smaller". One of the tips is to shop in your own home. Instead of going out and buying something new in the way of home decor, how about repurposing something that you already own? Her example was using a nice wooden salad bowl and filling it with lemons and placing it on the coffee table. Another tip was to redecorate with what you are already using. She says it is a great idea to take all of your lamps and put them all together in the dining room. Once there, replace each lamp to a different room. You won't believe what a big difference this will make and it won't cost you a thing. Lastly Vicki suggests to seasonally change up the decor. She says to choose a colour for the season and pull all of the items that you have in that colour then make a little vignette in your entryway or on your front mantel where it will have the biggest impact. These are three great ways to satisfy your urges to decorate while being very economically conscious!

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